South Bay, East Bay PUGs scheduled

On October 15th Josh Berkus will be reprising EXPLAIN Explained, his presentation from Postgres Open, at the Pandora offices in downtown Oakland. This talk will cover how to read EXPLAIN and EXPLAIN ANALYZE, and is aimed at developers and new DBAs. Pandora staff will also do a lightning talk.

On November 17th and 18th is pgConfSV. Registration is open and the full schedule is up. Be there!

On November 19th, the day after pgConfSV, Tableau is hosting an extended meetup which will cover using Tableau with PostgreSQL, Joe Conway on PL/R, and Álvaro Hernández Tortosa on Logical Decoding. This meetup will be in Palo Alto, and is expected to fill up very soon.

We are still looking to schedule a meetup in the city of San Francisco for late October or early November, but need a speaker for it. If you wanted to present, and didn't submit in time for pgConfSV, now's you chance. Contact the organizers through the meetup.