pgDay SF recap


On March 10th, we had our third ever pgDay for SFPUG, which was a runaway success. pgDaySF 2015 was held together with FOSS4G-NA and EclipseCon; we were especially keen to join FOSS4G because of the large number of PostGIS users attending the event. In all, around 130 DBAs, developers and geo geeks joined us for pgDay SF ... so many that the conference had to reconfigure the room to add more seating!

standing room only

The day started out with Daniel Caldwell showing how to use PostGIS for offline mobile data, including a phone demo.

Daniel Caldwell setting up

Ozgun Erdogan presented pg_shard with a a short demo.

Ozgun presents pg_shard with PostGIS

Gianni Ciolli flew all the way from London to talk about using Postgres' new Logical Decoding feature for database auditing.

Gianni Ciolli presenting

Peak excitement of the day was Paul Ramsey's "PostGIS Feature Frenzy" presentation.

Paul Ramsey making quotes

We also had presentations by Mark Wong and Bruce Momjian, and lightning talks by several presenters. Slides for some sessions are available on the FOSS4G web site. According to FOSS4G, videos will be available sometime soon.

Of course, we couldn't have done it without our sponsors: Google, EnterpriseDB, 2ndQuadrant, CitusDB and pgExperts. So a big thank you to our sponsors, our speakers, and the staff of FOSS4G-NA for creating a great day.